The Timeless Styling Wedding Bands

The timeless styling of Simon G. wedding bands together with the exceptional artistry and care with which they have been crafted, are a testament to their elegance and sophistication. With such a wide variety of magnificent designs and collections for both men and women, finding just the right wedding band should be absolutely no problem. The only difficulty might be in deciding which of their beautiful bands to choose. Their wedding bands come in six spectacular collections. They are aptly named Passion, Fabled, Duchess, Delicate, Caviar and the Simon Set Collection. Within each collection Simon G. showcases numerous designs and price ranges. Each wedding band, however, is an exquisite work of art unto itself. The Passion Collection features 16 different styles while the Fabled Collection is composed of 8 beautiful bands. The Duchess Collection is made up of 14 bands and the Delicate Collection houses 9 bands. The Caviar Collection features 18 different styles and their Simon Set Collection is made up of 8 bands, one more attention-getting than the next. When you are wearing a Simon G. wedding band you are sure to catch many envious and admiring glances.

Barons Jewelers carries a large number of the Simon G. wedding bands. You can find 6 of the beautiful Simon G. styles in the Passion Collection as well as 6 styles in the Fabled Collection. They showcase 5 styles in the Duchess Collection, 2 styles in the Delicate Collection, 15 of the magnificent designs in the Caviar Collection and 3 unique styles in the Simon Set Collection. Baron Jewelers also features the  Simon G Wedding Bands  which is a unisex style for both men and women This Simon G. wedding band is more modernistic in appearance and the bands are available in platinum, 18k rose gold and 18k white gold. Their diamonds, gold and platinum wedding bands are of the very highest quality. The workmanship is exquisite and extremely careful attention is given to the most minute detail, thus ensuring for absolute perfection.

When you purchase a fine quality wedding band you are making an investment in both your love and your commitment for the present but also for the future. It is a token of your hopes and dreams for building that wonderful and happy new life together. Without realizing it right now, you are also making a purchase in what is sure to become a treasured heirloom for your future generations.


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