Incredible Toys that Boost Physical Development in Toddlers

Toys are the building blocks of physical, mental and cognitive development in children. Parents often think about getting the toys that encourage physical development in their kids and keep them active through the day. Enhancing a playful environment, both at home and at preschool is a key to keep kids more physically active and engrossed. Therefore, it is essential for parents choosing developmentally appropriate toys so that their child’s physical activity can be maximized and thus live a fit and happy life.

Studies have shown that an increased level of physical activity helps children to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which is essential for their overall development. When kids are given opportunities to play with portal equipment, including balls, jumping ropes, riding toys, are more likely to develop habits that will help them control their body weight through the rest of their life.

Parents know how tricky it could be to keep the kids physically active. However, following are a few toys that parents can pick to give their child a daily dose of active physical play.


Blocks have always been a favorite among toddlers as they are both fun as well as challenging. Playing around with blocks is vital to boost the physical and mental development in kids. Using building blocks requires a child to position them in a way that they don’t fall or topple over. As a result, their motor skills enhance along with hand-eye coordination. In fact, the way kids grasp blocks itself serves as a great practice of gripping objects which ultimately strengthens their muscle coordination. In fact, the best preschool in India encourages children to play with building blocks to stimulate not only physical development, but also mental, cognitive and motor skill development.

Ride-on Toys

These are the toys that require children to use their foot power and thus help in improving balance. When kids push or pedal their toys, they in a way improve a multitude of skills that are vital to lead an active lifestyle. Ride-on-toys improve mobility in young children as they learn to walk and balance. The toys also encourage physical exercise as kids move and zoom around with them. From rocking chairs to scooters and motorized cars, ride-on-toys are quite efficient in building physical balance and movements in kids.


Play-dough is fun and popular among kids. They not only encourage creativity, but also strengthen those tiny hand muscles, making them ready to handle pencils and scissors later on. As an imaginative play, play-dough can be squeezed, rolled, flattened, cut and more. Each of these actions aids fine motor development along with hand-eye coordination and concentration. In fact, some preschools like Mother’s Pride motivate children to play around with play dough to help children gain control over their fingers, hands and wrists, which improve coordination.

To Conclude

Irrespective of what kind of play atmosphere you have at your home, it is necessary for parents to provide an active and healthy play time to their kids. Go outside, throw ball, jump and run with your toddlers, just show them how beautiful it is to be active, fit and fine.