The Devil Inside Windows 10

Giants on the field of software development has always sought to ensure that the user is using their product without alternative: downloading the latest updates, paying for unnecessary but included in a license package, function, and did not even think to go to other software or operating system. Bright and very topical example – upgrade to Windows 10. Microsoft Corporation offers a very intrusive Windows 7 user to upgrade to Windows 10. used dirty tricks and just annoying: a pop-up notification, which is hard to turn off, the constant propaganda of the new operating system media and the media, stop support and release updates for older versions of the system, the old system of exclusion from the list of supported in new software and games.




The desire of corporations to transfer to the new system is clear: making a profit from the app store and advertising platforms on the menu. But whether it is necessary to update the users themselves? The question requires thought.


As in any business, for updates must be approached with a pragmatic attitude. Decide for yourself what the purpose of the update, you need to get away from it. Do not succumb to fashion trends and to listen to unfounded praise of the new OS. Most of all, decide to install Windows 10 because of the beautiful, more progressive, design and user-friendly UI. The performance of Windows 10 does not differ much from its predecessors, in some cases, the new system uses more of the old, which clearly is not a plus owners of older computers. Functionality and features of Windows 10 is really broader than in previous versions – if it is updated, it is only because of this. If the decision to install the update made clear, before the transition should take into account that to get Windows 10 free can by no means each OS. We already know what the system will be updated to Windows 10 for free, and some owners have to pay for the license. Free upgrade to Windows 10 is only available with Windows 7 and only if all previous updates are installed for it.




What will the user get after the upgrade? A lot of nice new features. First of all, it concerns the visual design of the system: the new Windows Metro UI is made in the design, the date and trendy today.


As mentioned earlier, to Windows 10 often not updated due to the design, but because of the new features and services. They are here in abundance: news feed, composed of the user’s interests, right in the “Start” menu, a new application for e-mail reading, the beginning of development with Microsoft Outlook times, convenient media gallery, view maps, communications and convenience store applications – everything is available in a basic version of Windows 10 and does not require installation.


So whether it is more convenient? Of course, However, not every user pleasant new concept of “all in one” or “for you and for you” – the basic service functionality is not available without a network connection and authentication under Microsoft account.


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