Send Unlimited Messages Through Bulk Whatsapp Service

Whatsapp application is a possessor, cross-platform immediate messaging distribution service for smartphones. In addition to text messaging, users can send each other – audio, images and video messages. The custom software application is offered for iOS, BlackBerry OS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Challenging number of Asian-based messaging facilities (like WeChat and LINE), Whatsapp messenger handles a billion of messages per day. Based on the Financial Times, Whatsapp has done with SMS on phones what Skype application did to international calling on telephones.

Each person knows that Whatsapp is an amazing resource for sending messages to mass People. You should know that Whatsapp can be used as a campaigning software to make marketing guides. This application is free and it help as a powerful marketing channel with the probability of getting more customers for your business greater than anything else.

The Point is that Why We Choose services of Whatsapp Marketing in India for your Business promotion?

This is almost free App

You can send millions of custom messages without any limitations. It is available for every smartphone device including Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry. Every user is utilizing it because you do not have to visit a website to load details or verify your identity to utilize it. It only requires your mobile no. and you are ready to send messages.

Superior functionalities than conventional MMS/SMS

Whatsapp Marketing India tool support lots of diverse type of message, from pictures to voice to text files. Generally, sending an MMS message may cost a large amount of money, so the certainty that these can be transmitted to as many customers and prospect as you love for free is amazing.

Online SMS Shop provides Business Marketing opportunity through Whatsapp application. Bulk Whatsaap India is better advertisement solution for sending small pieces of information that involves conveying custom text, audio and video messages to your consumers within few minutes.