Modern Gadgets – Expose Privacy

Experts call the modern mobile devices goldmine for their rich knowledge. Calls, messages, photos, videos, websites visited – and all this with reference to the time and coordinates. Example of extreme interest to the investigation content gadget – the sensational confrontation FBI and Apple because of the party’s phone hacking attack on the center of social assistance in the city of San Bernardino.

The data that comprises a smart-phone cannot be completely replaced information operator: GPS-receiver smart-phone, for example, gives the coordinates more accurately than by triangulation base stations. And on the instant messenger’s messages from the mobile operator does not know.

The procedure of “interrogation” and reminds smart-phone automated forensic analysis of conventional personal computers. An expert with the help of special software from the device unloads all your data – call history, text messages and user files.

Built in the gadget protection of user data, as history has shown burglary I-Phone offender opened fire in San Bernardino, is not a panacea. If law enforcement agencies really need – they it in any way to crack or bypass.

By the way, not only smart-phones can serve as a source of evidence – other gadgets can also tell you something about its owner. In 2015, a resident of Florida called the police , saying that it was attacked as she slept in his own house. However, analysis of records the fitness bracelet, women-owned, showed that she was awake all night. Law enforcers brought charges against the owner of the bracelet, a charge of false denunciation.

In 2015, for Android-based devices continuously records what is happening around the wearer, recording video and audio from geo-referenced.

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