Make use of the best mediation services in Nassau County before deciding to head to trial

Nassau County, New York – Any business or professional relationship, be it between individuals or organizations, is potentially vulnerable to disputes that could result in the collapse of the relationship and an inability to move forward. Many people make the decision to take such issues directly to the courts, in the hopes of achieving a judgment in their favor. Unfortunately, this often leaves all parties completely tied up in litigation, which in turn prevents them from achieving a speedy resolution that allows them to move forward with their businesses and put the dispute behind them.

For many, an alternative is needed, which is where Jeffrey M. Bloom’s mediation services ( in Nassau County can help. Instead of spending months building evidence for a trial that may take many more months to finally get resolved, mediation offers you the chance to sit down with the party whom you have a dispute with so that you can work together, with the help of an impartial mediator, to reach a solution that allows you both to move forward.

The agreements that arise out of mediation also offer you additional protection, demonstrating to a judge that you have made every effort to find an amicable solution, should the issue get brought to trial after another party has broken or failed to create an agreement.

The best mediation services in Nassau County will allow you to create your own agreement that is flexible to the needs of the parties involved, while also offering lower costs and demands on time. All of this can prove invaluable to businesses, where the primary concern is often to focus on the aspects of the company that make money, rather than getting tied up in legal issues.

If you have need of mediation services in Nassau County and wish to work with a mediator who brings years of experience to the table, contact Jeffrey M. Bloom, EJD today to find out how he can help you.

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Jeffrey M. Bloom ( is able to provide mediation services that enable all parties involved to make their own decisions and reach resolutions that are satisfactory for them, rather than having to rely on the decisions of a judge in a court trial. Offering more flexibility while also providing the protection that businesses and individuals need, the team is capable of achieving results with speed and impartiality.

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