Use Window XP Forever……

So you’ve decided to stay on Windows XP.

Read on to know how you can protect your information even after continuing to use Window XP.

More than a year ago, Microsoft announced the termination of support for Windows XP and reminded every day users to update the operating system before the end of the support period. The company warned users that they are at risk of attack “zero-day”. But even with all this, almost 30% of Internet-connected PCs continue to run on Windows XP.

We asked our own members, and about 47 million of them have stated that they are going to stay with Windows XP, despite the fact that Microsoft has given up on updates and technical support for legacy operating systems.

Oh well. Now what? How you take care of protection of your PC from threats?

Tips to protect your PC for those who have Windows XP.

  • Buy a new computer as soon as you can. Sooner or later, you still have to invest in a new PC.It may have the time to start saving money on the sly.
  • Update your current software, but make sure you are compatible if the desired program with Windows 8 (remember, Windows XP is outdated, and the software has advanced far ahead). Make sure all applied patches for the software that you use to avoid any recommendation from antivirus itself.
  • Use a browser that offers the most advanced security solutions and support. We suggest using Google Chrome, which will continue to support Windows XP
  • Use antivirus software and keep it updated. You do not need to buy expensive antivirus – Free Antivirus copes with protection, but if you will face any virus or malware issues, then don’t worry you can call to our technical support experts anytime 24×7, who will provide you live remote support for any issues related to the operating system (Window 7, 8,10).
  • If you do not use -. Remove all unsafe program that is not in use, for example, the Java plug-in for your browser

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