New Areas have been unlocked about black desert


The amount of Black Desert PL  gained from taming a horse has been increased.

2 type of Tier 3 horses have been added to the wild spawns.

Farming has been added to the achievement system.

Rewards from Red Battle Field has been changed.

Win: Red Seal 6ea -> 5ea.

Lose: Seal 2ea -> 1 ea

Number of Red Seals required for exchange has been changed from 150 ea to 80 ea.


Adjusted the number of Sheep, Mountain Goats, Foxes, Wolves and Weasels in Western Balenos, Eastern
Balenos, Serendia, Trina Fort, and Epheria Valley.
Guild Bosses Balance and Drop Rate has been increased based on guild size.
Field Boss Dastard Bheg will have a preparation animation before his omnidirectional swing attack.
Balance for the following monsters has been adjusted.
Calpheon Giant Bee
Sausan Watch
Tough Sausan Soldier
Helm Big Axe
Helm Iron Shield
Rhutum Guard
Rhutum Sheriff
Red Orc Guard
Red Orc Sentinel
Saunil Guard
Elric Follower
Elric Cultist
Saunil Sheriff
Khuruto Executor
Khuruto Sheriff
Khuruto Guard
Khuruto Chaser
Rhutum Chief Priest
Wandering Rogue Elementalist
Wandering Rogue Fighter
Wandering Rogue
Small Mane
Big Mane
Agile Mane
Giant Manehair
Blind Pugnose
Thunder Drummer
Lightning Trumpeter
Cultist Warrior
Imp Raider
Steel Imp Warrior
Tiny Bee
Droprate for the following monsters has been adjusted.
[Aggressive]Grass Beetle
[Aggressive]Parasitic Bee
[Aggressive]Imp Raider
[Aggressive]Steel Imp Warrior
[Aggressive]Goblin Fighter
[Aggressive]Goblin Elite Soldier
[Aggressive]Mine Imp
[Aggressive]Scarecrow Ghost
[Aggressive]Strong Altar Imp Trainer
[Aggressive]Altar Imp Fighter
[Aggressive Al Rhundi Rebels]Patrol
[Aggressive]Swamp Fogan Warrior
[Aggressive]Cultist Warrior
Silver can no longer be obtained from the following monsters.
[Burning]Ferrid Tio
[Hardened]Helm Golem
[Aggressive]Frenzied Skeleton Centurion
[Aggressive]Frenzied Skeleton Decurion
[Agile]Saunil Commander
[Sturdy]Petrifying Foreman
[Critical]Ruins Monster
[Aggressive]Giant Possessed by Black Spirit
[Sturdy]Contaminated Butcher

Crafting Materials required for the “Making a Fishing Rod” quest have been updated.

New Quest “From Small HP Potion to Medium HP Potion” has been added.

New Quest “First Time for Taming a Horse” has been added to the NPC Vanacil in Heidel.

The quest rewards from the Seal of Promise and Toke of Promise quests has been increased from 1 to


When there is more than one navigation path available the active path will blink.

The cut scene camera for Alejandro Farm Torres has been fixed.

Rosar Shield Graphic and icon has been fixed

Trees that are far away can be seen clearly now.
Description for worker list has been modified


Fixed the issue where windows would not closed if you pressed ESC after taking damage from monsters
while the End Game Pop-Up window was active.

Fixed the issue where a player’s combat exp buff was applied to horses.

Fixed the issue where the Black Spirit would sometimes give wrong directions when clicking on a

Fixed issue where some of objects were not showing up on the pirate islands.

Fixed cash shop issue where class category didn’t match with   .