Health Benefits Brew Supportive Growth Conditions for Global Green Tea Market

Green Tea1A new research report, titled “Green Tea Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2012–2018,” provides a microscopic scrutiny of the global green tea market. With the best market measurement tools, this research report analyzes the global green tea market in complete detail. The research report suggests that studies evidencing green tea’s positive impact on rising obesity cases, digestive disorders, and cancer are the top reasons for the growth of the overall green tea market.

Green tea is essentially made of Camellia sinensis. The leaves of this evergreen shrub are processed in a manner which exposes them to minimal oxidation. The origins of this tea can be traced to China, which makes this country the leading exporter even today. In this extensive research report, the researchers have dissected each segment of the global green tea market to provide an examination of the niche market drivers and restraints influencing the segments. Furthermore, the research report also includes an assessment of the historical data of this market and compares it with the current market situation to map a trajectory for the global green tea market.

The global green tea market is categorized on the basis of packaging into iced green tea, green tea bags, and green tea instant mixes. The market is also divided on the basis of flavors into lemon, vanilla, aloe vera, cinnamon, jasmine, and wild berry. In the recent years, the global green tea market has been growing at an accelerated pace due to medicinal benefits it offers to regular drinkers. Some of the well-known benefits of green are the management and prevention of diseases such diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular ailments, tooth decay, and the maintenance of cholesterol levels in the body.

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Geographically, Asia Pacific region is the biggest consumer of green tea across the globe. Countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Japan, and China are expected to keep this pace in the coming years. The factors supporting the proliferation of green tea market in Asia Pacific are exponentially rising population and rising healthcare awareness. Researchers have also predicted that Europe is likely to be the fastest growing green tea market in near future.

Some of the important players operating in the global green tea market are AMORE Pacific Corp, DSM Nutritional Products, Associated British Foods LLC, Numi Organic Tea, Nestle S.A., Tetley GB Ltd, Northern Tea Merchants Ltd, and Oregon Chai Inc. The research report profiles these players in absolute detail and provides a clear understanding of the competitive landscape present in the overall market. Furthermore, the research report also provides an evaluation of the financial overview, research and development strategies, investment outlook, business and marketing strategies, and expansion plans of these key players.