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Divorce is rarely an easy process, particularly if there are children involved. Alongside splitting the assets and calculating the contributions each half of the partnership has made, there is the issue of custody. The courts generally favor the mother to have custody and the father to have visitation rights. But this does not mean that there are no other options!

Most parents simply want what is best for their children, however, it is not always possible for both parents to have the same opinion of what is best and the courts may have another opinion again. To ensure your viewpoint is presented properly you need to use the services of a reputable and well established child custody lawyer. The Law firm of Walter K Schreyer ( is based in Westwood, NJ and will provide a complete service for you in every aspect of family law. They are dedicated to fighting for your rights, whether you are looking to obtain custody, increase your visitation rights or even challenge the way your child is currently being parented.

The firm recognizes that family law is one of the most complex and emotionally sensitive areas of the law. It can help with child custody cases, divorces, adoptions and even juvenile law. The firm recognizes that every case is unique and your situation is special. They will handle your case with care, compassion and passion; fighting for your rights to the very end. This is particularly important when you are looking for a child custody lawyer in Westwood, NJ.

In order to ensure they know everything about you and your case the firm is dedicated to getting to know you, providing a personal service and helping you to work out the best possible solution for you in the given circumstances. They will not rest until they achieve the best possible solution.

The Law firm of Walter K. Schreyer is owned and run by Walter K. Schreyer who has over 35 years experience in delivering results for his many clients. The firm employs several paralegals, experts and investigators to ensure they have all the facts available and are able to provide the result which you need.

Whatever your issue, they offer a free consultation and are dedicated to protecting your rights and interests whilst getting the best possible result. The firm has an excellent reputation and receives many referrals every year from previous, satisfied customers. To find out more or book a free consultation call them on (201) 383-4256 or visit
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