How to Avoid the Courtroom When getting Divorced in Wentzville

Ending a marriage is a stressful and difficult process.  There are many factors which must be taken into consideration; these include financial input into the marriage, time commitments and restraints, such as raising children and even the behavior of the individual parties.  There are a range of personal details which will need to be exposed to a judge to ensure a fair decision is made; even if you would rather these details were not exposed to a range of other people.

The legal process can also be costly and time consuming, the courts have a huge amount of cases to deal with and this can make the process take months or even years; especially if your case is particularly complex.  After all of this the judgment passed by the court may not be what you were hoping for or looking for and you have very limited options for appealing this decision.

Fortunately, there is another option!  The Ferguson Law Firm ( in Wentzville is a divorce mediation attorney.  Instead of going through the courts, the attorneys at this firm will act as a mediator between you and your partner.

There will be an initial meeting between both parties to start the process and encourage communication.  It is then likely that the mediator will talk to each partner in separate rooms and liaise back and forth between the parties until an agreement is met.  This could be over the course of one meeting or many; depending upon the complexity of your finances, assets and the demands of both parties.  Hopefully both sides will be able to come to an agreement on each of the points.  At this point an agreement is drawn up, signed and approved.

Not only is this process much quicker than a divorce through the courts, it is also substantially cheaper and allows you and your ex-partner much more input into the outcome.  This should ensure that the agreement is adhered to as both parties should be happy with the result.  If you simply cannot agree then it is possible to move on into the standard court scenario.


The Ferguson Law Firm is based in Wentzville, Missouri.  It specializes in Family law matters and will provide assistance with Divorce mediation, estate planning, probate and wills and trusts.  The firm is owned by Ken Ferguson who has been a member of the Missouri bar since 1997.  He draws upon his previous management experience and his more recent attorney training and knowledge to provide a first class mediation service.  He has helped hundreds of couples to, successfully and amicably terminate their marriages and move forward with their lives.  He is also a certified mediator for E.D. of Missouri.  He has been practicing family law for the past fifteen years.  To find out more or arrange an initial consultation call him at 636-856-1532 or visit