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One of the easiest ways to work from office is by doing virtual assistant work. Virtual assistants are skilled, home-based professionals that offer companies, businesses, and entrepreneur’s administrative support.

Virtual assistants perform a wide variety of tasks … in fact, the services that you can offer are endless and all depend on your experience, and skills.

Here are some common tasks that virtual assistants complete:



Blog management

Project management

Social media management

Employee or entrepreneur — which route is right for you?

When you work as a virtual assistant you can choose to work as an employee or you can setup your own business. There are pros and cons with each arrangement. When you work as an employee you don’t have to invest any money up front or find your own clients, but your pay rate, work hours, and how you work will be more restricted. Please note, if you’re hired on as an independent client— you are considered self employed and will need to pay quarterly self employment taxes.

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