Launch of Dsecure which Identifies Lab grown Diamonds, Synthetic Diamond Detector, Man Made Diamond Detector, CVD Diamond Tester, and Duplicate Diamond Testing Machine



DSecure is first-of-a-kind instrument which identifies lab grown synthetic diamonds and perform effectively with practically all sizes and shapes of loose diamonds, it is also good to detect synthetics in studded jewellery. Instrument is not a TYPEs separator but it directly detects lab grown synthetics, grown by CVD/HPHT methods. Purpose of invention is to uphold consumer confident and keep business of natural diamond safe from mixing or sold undisclosed of synthetic diamonds in cost effective manner.

DRC (Dharmanandan Research Centre) Techno is an organization which is formed in 2006, with objective to bring technological improvements & innovations in the field of Natural Diamonds & Jewellery manufacturing.

As we know, Synthetic Diamonds are incontrovertible fact now a days and many experts are already researching and working on developing a solution to keep these Artificial Stones away from the Gems & Jewellery Industry. However exact identification of such stones is still laborious and burdensome task.

Considering the special scenario, this time, DRC Techno is set to introduce their invention called “DSecure” which is a machine with the resolution of Saying No to Synthetics, is said to be the most accurate synthetic diamond identifier till date in entire world.

“This device is the result of deep research and years of hard work of technical team of DRC Techno, to counter and solve the rising problem of adulteration by handmade Natural Diamonds Industry.” said Mr. Vipul Sutariya, the Director of DRC Techno.

The device recognizes synthetic diamonds in all shapes & sizes in rang starting from 0.003 carats to 10.00 carats. Also speed of the machine to recognize Synthetic Diamonds is 40 to 45seconds.

D – Secure, unlike other existing devices, is capable of identifying synthetic diamonds with reliability from a batch directly and hence saves significant time. Moreover, result is 99.99% Accurate therefore no need of further assessments.
D – Secure is designed in a way that it can scan Rough Diamonds, Synthetic Diamonds as well as the diamonds which are already mounted on the jewellery, i.e. Finished Diamond Jewelry.
“Purpose of development of this Machine is to uphold consumer’s confidence and keep Natural Diamond business safe from dumping of Artificial Stones and finding out those undisclosed Synthetic Diamonds earlier in cost effective manner.” said Mr. Vipul Sutariya.

DSecure is the reliable tool which identifies lab grown Synthetic Diamonds that scans effectively with practically all sizes and shapes of loose diamonds batches as well as finished diamond jewellery. This instrument is not a type of separator but it directly detects lab grown synthetic diamonds, grown by CVD/HPHT methods. Purpose of this invention is to uphold consumers’ confidence and to keep the business of Natural Diamond safe.