Build a Robust Website with Pixel Perfect PSD Slicing


When it comes to designing a website, PhotoShop is the most popular and the most trusted software. The PSD designs are the PhotoShop design files that are saved with a PSD extension. Sometimes, the PSD files are also saved in TIFF, JPEG, etc. formats. These design files need to be implemented in the search engine so that users can easily find the website. But the problem is that the search engines cannot read files in these formats. Hence, it is mandatory to convert these files to a format which the search engines will understand, that is HTML coded format. This process of conversion is called PSD slicing.

PSD to XHTML conversions can be generated very easily by using software tools but it is advisable to go for manual coding. In automated conversions there are chances of errors and any imperfection in the coding could lead to serious issues in the website. Hence, opting for the services of skilled professionals who are experts at manual coding is a better idea. The best PSD slicing company makes sure that there are no errors in the conversion and thus the design gets implemented as it was originally in the design. It is advisable to ask for tableless PSD markup as they make the pages load faster and thus suitable for any hand-held device. Their expert team also takes are of the page load speed and compatibility issues. Privacy is very important when you trust a company with the design of your website. Before entrusting any company with the conversion job of your website, it is better to sign an NDA by both parties in which the company will agree not to leak the details of the project to any third party.

The PSD conversions industry is growing exponentially these days as every business, whether big or small, wants a website of its own to attract more and more customers/clients. So, if you are looking to design your own website, do not worry. Just hire the best PSD to XHTML service provider and relax. But before hiring the company for your website, make sure you are making the right choice. Always choose the company which has the best reputation and maximum experience in the field.