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A low blood count pulse oximeter reading is cause for concern.  A normal pulse oximeter reading does not tell us anything.  The study looks at the excess of carbon dioxide found in tissue of many people before, during, and after exercise, and asks the question whether there is not enough oxygen in the lungs and blood hemoglobin to eliminate excess carbon dioxide.  The use of supplemental oxygen appears to be indicated even when the pulse oximeter gives an entirely normal reading.

Consumer oxygen works to release excess carbon dioxide trapped in tissue because the blood oxygen is not sufficient to do the cleaning function one wished it would do.  With the aging of the population, many people do not exercise enough to gather the waste carbon dioxide generated by muscles and tissue.  With the dramatic increase in people who are overweight and even obese, there is increased need for supplemental oxygen availability at the sites where people exercise.    Only modest amounts of supplemental oxygen are needed to have an effect.

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Recreational oxygen has been available for a while, but only recently has there been a basic understanding of the value:  eliminating excess carbon dioxide in the body.  Build-ups of carbon dioxide come from the muscles.  Recognition of the ability of to get rid of this excess has been enough to validate the value of supplemental oxygen.

Excess carbon dioxide is not good for people.  It would not be excess if normal breathing or even heavy breathing was able to rid the body of the build-up of carbon dioxide, but any extra weight is enough to create excess in the tissues.  The muscles and cells work all the time, giving off carbon dioxide, and most people have an excess.

Muscles and fat create excess carbon dioxide in people with obesity, in elite athletes, in people who are aging.  The value of exercise is that it helps the blood pick up excess carbon dioxide that must be expelled from the body.  Supplemental oxygen is useful in stimulating this process even in the absence of disease.  Athletes and firemen use supplemental oxygen to eliminate excess carbon dioxide.  Soon ordinary people exercising will use supplemental oxygen for this process as well.  This will happen even in people who apparently have hemoglobin sufficiently saturated with oxygen.

The value of supplemental oxygen is not to saturate the hemoglobin more, it is already saturated in most cases, the value is to stimulate release of excess carbon dioxide.

Exercise oxygen equipment is useful for improving personal performance and endurance during workouts.  It gives athletes competitive advantage in sporting events.  Supplemental oxygen is not banned because the oxygen has significant health benefits that cannot reasonably be taken away by sports governing bodies.

Prices of supplemental oxygen are expected to plummet based on economies of scale as adoption and usage becomes widespread.  People could not get affordable or have convenient access to consumer oxygen before, now there are ways to make personal oxygen available in a convenient manner.  AirSep offers its Focus device which weighs 1.7 pounds with a battery.  Exercise with oxygen therapy can increase exercise capacity and lead to performance gains.  Sports clubs are expected to offer small stylish canisters of oxygen for $15 per month.

Performance gains make it easier to exercise, less onerous to exercise.  The value of daily exercise has been proven in multiple studies, now we know why the exercise is beneficial, it discards excess carbon dioxide that builds up in the muscles when people are just sitting around or sleeping or if they are moving around exercising.

One often hears physicians attribute the effects of supplemental oxygen to people having a placebo effect.  It is very clear that inside most of the medical community there is massive misunderstanding about the value of supplemental oxygen in healthy people.

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Generally, the opinion is that if there is a normal pulse oximeter reading and very heavy breathing after exercise, that giving supplemental oxygen means there is a placebo effect and nothing more.  The value of supplemental oxygen is not evident from looking at pulse oximeter readings.

When there is a buildup of excess carbon dioxide in the body the supplemental oxygen is able to clear the carbon dioxide from tissue.  While the users can feel the difference in the body of having waste eliminated, the clinicians are left to look at the pulse oximeter readings.  The value attributed to supplemental oxygen by users is attributed to a placebo effect by clinicians.  It is apparent from a review of the serious independent research on the value of supplemental oxygen that the oxygen really is helpful to people, not just a pejorative placebo effect.  (Remember that a placebo is a sugar pill and itself does have a real effect.)

Exercise oxygen equipment markets at $3.9 million in 2015 are anticipated to reach $2.8 billion dollars by 2022.  Growth is a result of new competitors in the market, demand for the smaller lighter technology by people exercising, and the market need by for stationary devices at clubs and gyms even as portable devices provide greater mobility support for bike riders, joggers, and older people.

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