Bespoke Joinery London: How to Build Georgian and Victorian Style Doors

If you are planning of building a Victorian style home, the first thing you will need to consider is a grand entrance door. This huge palatial door will be a signature statement of the entire home. With that you cannot ignore the windows too, as they are considered to be the eyes of the home. So, before choosing any kind of door and the associated material, you must choose a reliable and trustworthy Bespoke Joinery London. The joinery must specialise in providing you the best door service so that when anyone enters your home, they must get a grand impression of the house.

The entrance door must be tough and durable but at the same time must also be uber stylish and luxurious. It should not give an unfriendly aura towards the people who are entering your home. Both Georgian and Victorian doors ooze out ample grandeur and elegance and they are just designed to make a lasting impression to the guests.

Georgian architecture is inspired by King Georges and his ruling period that lasted from years 1750 to 1820. The 3 most essential elements of this era structure were proportion, elegance and symmetry. By elegance, it means simplicity where the ornamentation is absolutely muted. The foundation of the structure was given undue importance and also the solidity. The buildings of that time were constructed in such a way that they still remain intact and grounded, even after so many centuries. Along with the structure, entrance door was also given importance, especially for Georgian homes.

Victorian style architecture comprises buildings that were constructed during the years 1837 and 1901. The designers who are keen to implement Victorian style in their work must be extremely fond towards ornamental patterns and detailing. They will also like to play with bold colours and decorative keystones. Victorian inspired homes have large bay windows, decorated pathways, flamboyant brickwork and royal entrances. Stained glasses are also found in various Victorian era homes, and it was quite popular among the affluent sections. Later on, stained glass windows and doors became widely popular and standardised. Excessive attention is paid on brass door furniture as it exudes charm and style.

Joinery Specialist Essex designs doors of both types, Victorian as well as Georgian. The doors that are built are extremely sturdy and thick-timbered, although simple in structure but quite ornate. They normally have four to six panels, along with a semi-circular fanlight above the door. This semi-circular structure is just like a window with bars that beams out like a fan. Whatever be the door specifications, you must rely on Bespoke Joinery London professionals who not only offer a wide range of customised services but also provides highly skilled workmen for the purpose. Delivering excellent services at affordable prices must be the aim of these companies and if you get any of them, instantly book one as per your requirement.

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