PRIME’s data collection tools are highly advanced to enhance driver behavior

Prime Technology Group, LLC (PRIME), a global technology services company, is pleased to inform the public about the data collection tools in its Xemplar the Telematics Solution.

Swift communication between insurers and customers saves you money on hardware and infrastructure costs while also accommodating any mobile device or tablet, reaching drivers anytime and anywhere, providing critical information for businesses. Prime’s telematics system, Xemplar, enables fast and efficient two-way communication between insurers and customers. The more the data the more personalized your product is. Personalization comes with data collection tools. It is the data collection tools that make a superior Telematics solution. In line with this, Xemplar comes with excellent data collection tools like:

  • Speed-ups
  • Hard Brakes
  • Rapid Acceleration
  • Location determinants for driving & parking
  • Time spent driving (duration and hour)
  • Live traffic levels
  • Driver vs non-driver distinction
  • Real-time, easily customizable reporting

Prime Xemplar Telematics can be easily customized for personal and commercial fleets. Interested in learning more about Xemplar data collection tools can help your business be the best it can be?

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