Getting the Best Equestrian Supplies in Stoke-on-Trent

Animal lovers always take a great deal of care when it comes to looking after their pets. Food is one of the most important issues and when the right store is chosen, it is easy to purchase equestrian supplies in Stoke-on-Trent. Whatever animal is at the heart of the family, there is a lot of time and effort taken to look after them and domestic animal food Stoke can be purchased at a variety of stores and all items will be well and truly enjoyed by the animals receiving it.


When you are a horse owner you want to know that the food you are giving them is the best and you don’t want to waste time and effort sorting out what they are going to enjoy. Fortunately, there are companies who have the expertise you lack and have already produced the ideal food for horses.  In some cases, there is at least 50 years experience, and for a company to last this long, it is clear that they must be producing a great product. There are companies providing equestrian supplies in Stoke on Trent who will be delighted to help you choose what is best for your horse.


Often you will be told that the food you are buying for your pets has been tested on animals. That may ensure it is safe, but when a firm has the food tested by their animals, then you know that they are sure it is the best you can get. When it is the owners’ pets and those of friends and family, then it is easy to check the results. The health of the animals can be checked regularly and it will be easy to determine which is the most popular flavour. It is for this reason that domestic animal food Stoke is a growing business and others are following their lead.


Horsed may need to change their diet depending upon the amount of work they carry out. A working horse will need to be fed in a different way from a pet that may only be ridden for an hour or so a week. If the later type of horse is fed the same amount and type of a working horse, then their weight would go up and they would not be healthy. This however should not be an issue as there are many equestrian supplies in Stoke on Trent and they will give advice not only on food, but all aspects of caring for the horse.


A good way to understand the principles of the people who are selling you domestic animal food Stoke, is to see if they are involved in any charity work. Any comments from PETA is also a good sign, as they will praise firms that do not test their food on other animals – feeding them the finished product is a lot different from testing. A high meat content in the food is ideal as dogs and cats are carnivores and it should have been passed suitable for humans. There should be evidence from a vet regarding the way the animals were treated.


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