Laser Diodes Prove to be Advantageous Over Traditional Material Processing Technologies

1024px-Diode_laserA laser diode is an electrically-pumped system wherein the active medium is formed by the p-n junction of a semiconductor diode, similar to that found in a LED. Laser diodes are rapidly becoming an indispensible part of modern technology and are being used in applications such as CD players, communications, laser printers, industrial processing machineries, laser pointers, and research & development. Laser diodes offer several advantageous features over the conventional laser systems such as ruby, helium-neon, and gas types. Laser diodes are smaller in size and weight, have low voltage, current and power requirements, and have high electrical efficiency and low maintenance, and a wide-angle beam.

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The global laser diode market is growing at a strong 12.6% CAGR from 2014 to 2020 and is thus expected to scale US$10.26 by 2020.

Laser diodes have multifaceted use in telecommunications, apart from which they are also used in different measuring instruments, such as range-finders and others. Another popular use of laser diodes is in barcode readers. Laser pointers in red or green also use laser diodes. The printing industry uses both high and low power diodes as light sources for scanning images for high resolution printing plates. Red and infrared lasers are commonly used in CD-ROMs, DVD Technologies, and CD Players. Violet lasers find use in Blu-ray technology. The Laser Diode (LD) is an electrically pumped semiconductor in which the active media is produced by the p-n junction of semiconductor diode, which is very similar to that found in a LED.

AlGaInP Diodes and Automotive to Continue their Run as Dominant Segments

In 2013 AlGaInP diodes dominated the global market owing to its increasing application in the optical discs, DVD player, data communications, and laser pointers among others. The segment is expected to register the highest demand over the next couple of years as well. The automotive sector registered maximum demand for laser technology in 2013 owing to its utility for lighting purposes as well as across multiple operations such as marking, engraving, and molding of automotive plastic into respective manufacturing units. The automotive segment accounted for 25.35% of the global market share on the basis of revenue and the segment is expected to lead the market in the next couple of years.

Rapid growth in popularity and application of laser diodes globally is attributed to a number of factors. The relentless endeavor of many companies led to the recent developments in the field of laser technology, which has given impetus to the laser technology markets. Companies such as Sharp Corporation, Coherent, Sumitomo, SPI, and IPG among others have significantly contributed to the outstanding growth registered by the global laser diodes market.

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