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Scarborough, Canada- There are numerous reasons why windows should be replacing, not the least of which is your energy or power bill. Energy prices are continuously on the rise, and the truth it is now extremely expensive to keep your home warm in the winter months and cool during the summer. Upgrading the windows in your home is, by far, one of the most efficient ways that you can save on your energy bill. This is because old windows tend to leak air and let the cool/warm air in when you want to keep it out. When you replace these older windows with newer, high performance, windows, the cool and warm air stays where it should be.


Newer window styles are designed to automatically provide higher quality protection from the heat or cold. This makes newer windows more energy efficient. Not only do newer windows provide better energy efficiency, they update the look of your home and make the home itself look newer. Windows come in numerous styles, colors, and finishes; thus allowing you numerous options in order to pick the window style that you feel best fits your home. You can also pick from numerous aspects and features; including, but not limited to: the classic look provided by bevelled glass, V-groove etching, Georgian styling, and numerous upscale contemporary looks.


In order to ensure that newer windows are more energy efficient, the majority are designed carefully and then built using energy efficient PVC. This simply means that they are more efficient and durable than any window made from aluminum, wood, or vinyl. Another positive beyond energy efficiency for a window upgrade is that newer windows are built to be more durable. You will never have to paint them, and are even provided with the option of adding a polyurethane foam in order to provide even more value to your windows and increase the energy efficiency even further.


Upgraded windows keep the cold weather outside your home during the winter. This means that it will cut down on the amount of illness caused from cool air leaking from outside to inside your home. During the spring, numerous individuals suffer from allergies. During these months, upgraded windows keep pollen outside, minimizing allergic reactions.


When you go to replace the windows themselves, you can have the same style throughout your home or mix and match for a more unique look. There are numerous styles, not only the unique/classy ones, but basic and simple as well. Some of the basic styles you can find when looking for a window upgrade are: fixed, double hung, casement, awning, jalousie, sliding, Palladian, picture, clerestory, and elliptical. When you find the perfect window to accent your home, it can make or break the overall appeal your home has.


About Pioneer Windows & Doors


Pioneer Windows & Doors ( offers a variety of window and door upgrade options. You can’t go wrong when you choose this company to assist you in the upgrade process. Consumers report that their customer service and skill is unsurpassed by anyone else in the area. The amazing staff found at Pioneer Windows & Doors can give you a new look and help you save on your energy bill. If you are not sure what your home will need, they will come out and discuss the different options and which ones would work will with your home. Upgrading your windows or doors will lower your energy costs, provide an updated look and raise the overall value of your home.