Wind-Blox Releases Pro Version

Stop Cycling Wind Noise with Wind-Blox Pro

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Wind-Blox Releases Pro Version

Now decreases over 80% of Cycling Wind Noise


Portland, Oregon –April 29,2016 – Wind-Blox, LLC, makers of Wind-Blox, a popular wind noise blocker for cyclist, has released a new version called Wind-Blox Pro. The Pro version is almost 5% more effective than Wind-Blox Classic. “At 80.2% noise reduction, Wind-Blox Pro reduces the most wind noise, without blocking the sounds you want,” says Mike Fajen, CEO.  Mike further remarks, “We took our previous version back into the wind tunnel, plus conducted numerous real-life road test, modified size, materials and shapes to produce our best product yet.”


Wind-Blox is engineered and patented to reduce unwanted cycling wind noise to help you hear approaching traffic, nature and fellow cyclist. It uses hi-tech fabric to look sporty and is quick to attach with bi-directional Velcro closures. In addition, Wind-Blox can reduce cold wind-induced ear aches, has US-based support, and the new Pro version includes reflective lettering to increase night-time visibility.


“The reduced wind noise was dramatic–more than I was hoping for when I ordered the older model (Wind-Blox Classic).” Brian Cosgrove


Wind-Blox are available for purchase direct at, on Amazon, and from many popular bike shops.  The Pro version sells for $17.95 per pair and comes in black and silver and includes a 30 day guarantee to significantly reduce wind noise or your money back.

Wind-Blox samples are available for review by bike publications, blogs, forums and bike clubs (with newsletters).  Contact information at website.


About Wind-Box

Founded in 2012, with offices in Portland, Oregon, Wind-Blox, LLC, is a Kickstarter success story. The team includes avid cyclist, engineers and top marketers (former VP Marketing at GE, Motorola, launched Netscape)–determined to solve the cycling wind-noise problem.  More information can be found at  

Stop Cycling Wind Noise with Wind-Blox Pro

#1 Most Effective Wind-Blox Pro Stops 80.2% of Cycling Wind Noise

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