Nelson Cooper & Ortiz LLC, A Commercial Collection Agency Offers Certain Free Services

Houston, USA, 18th April 2016: Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz, LLC is a debt collection agency mainly concentrating on recovering business debts and assets that have not yet been returned by the debtors who have defaulted.

Liquidity of cash needs to be maintained for a business to remain functional, and we as the best commercial collection agency i.e. a business ourselves, understand that requirement fully. We treat such matters with the utmost imperativeness and therefore treat our clients with the utmost importance. That is why, apart from offering the best services at the most competitive prices, we also offer certain free services that we are sure would help our customers in their time of urgency.

Free Final Form Service

This service enables you to fill up a form with the particulars of the debtor and send it to the said debtor, warning the individual or the company, that if they do not pay up their dues by the time was given, then their debtor account would be formally forwarded to our commercial collection agency i.e. Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz, LLC, without further delay, and that the financial and legal consequences for not responding positively to this form would be severe for the debtor. This particular form or letter is the final one that is sent to the defaulter, before things take a more serious turn, with us involved. If the debtor repays after receiving this letter then you have got your money back without paying us a single penny.

Free Quote Service

Being the best collection agency in Houston we understand how important it is for a client to decide upon the right kind of debt-recovering firm as soon as possible, and that is only possible when the client is able to compare different quotes at first. That is why being a responsible business collection agency we have made the service of offering a quote, absolutely free. Although this service is tantamount to consultation, we do not charge for this service so that it’s quicker for the client to make the final decision. Due to this service, more often than not we become the final choice for the client, thus making us the most competent commercial collection agency in Houston.

About the company Nelson, Cooper and Ortiz, LLC is one of the best commercial collection agencies in Houston, TX. We take pride in being really competent at getting obstinate debtors to repay on time. We work with small to medium-sized companies as well as Fortune 500 companies and our client list is ever growing. Our process of debt collection is in accordance with the rules put down by the federal FDCPA, the state laws of Texas and the ACA. We know that reputation can never be bought and have therefore hard-earned ours, in the realm of this business.

Contact Information:-
Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz, LLC
Street – 9800 Centre Parkway, Suite 800
City – Houston
Zip Code – TX 77036-8271
State – Texas
Country– United States of America
Telephone – (713) 360-6645
Fax – (800) 557-8195
Toll Free – (800) 939-7213
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