Aircraft Seat Actuation Systems- There’s an Awareness for Ergonomic Seating

Airbus_A340-541,_Etihad_Airways_AN1168209Aircraft seat actuation systems are used to providing comfortable seating for the passengers in commercial and private aircrafts. These seat actuation systems are automated and have the ability to let the passengers adjust their seating position as per their comfort level. Due to the growing number of airlines in the airline industry, there has been a huge demand for lightweight seat designs and components in the past few years.

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Increasing disposable income of consumers in the emerging economies of China and India has augmented the demand for premium air travel. In addition, with increasing air travel for both business and leisure reasons, the demand for commercial aircraft is bolstered. As seat actuation systems are an integral component in commercial aircraft cabins, the flourishing commercial airline industry is benefitting the aircraft seat actuation systems market.

The rising awareness for ergonomic seating is also driving the growth for aircraft seat actuation systems market. The modern seat actuation systems are designed to provide the correct seating positions for passengers in order to avoid lumbar pains over long haul air travel. The ergonomic seat designs also help the pilots to operate the aircraft efficiently. In addition, the ergonomic seat designs include a skull and lower back support. The need for ergonomic seat designs is fuelling the growth for aircraft seat actuation systems market. Furthermore, the rising demand for premium air travel is also creating a demand for advanced seat actuation systems. The demand is attributed to the rising disposable income in emerging economies such as India and China.

The technological innovation in the aircraft seat actuation systems is expected to act as an opportunity for the market during the forecast period. The seat actuation systems are anticipated to become lighter with less noise and low maintenance in future.

PAXCOM, which is known for its low-weight and low-cost seat actuation systems, is expected to lead the market in the near future. Their next-generation system, presented by Dornier Technologie GmbH and Co. KG and Buhler Motor GmbH, offers maximum passenger comfort in an airline. These systems are intended to bring together silent, smooth, and ergonomic seat motions, coupled with a sophisticated user-interface.

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For an integrated business-and-first-class experience, PAXCOM through its flexible architecture, high-grade design, superior seat quality, microcontroller technology, software, as well as user-friendly interface will continue delivering attractive seat actuation solutions in the near future.

As air travel has become more popular and affordable over the years, first class and business class cabins have remained popular among the rich and famous. The dominance of the business class seat actuation system type is expected to expand during the forecast period. This segment stood at US$48.0 mn and took up 32% of the overall market in 2014.

Europe holds the largest market share in the aircraft seat actuation systems market due to the presence of numerous seat actuation system manufacturers in the region. Moreover, the business class segment is one of the fastest growing segments in this region. Key manufacturers such as Dornier Technologie GmbH and Co. KG and Buhler Motor GmbH have massively contributed to this market in terms of technological advancements and customer service. Growth of this market is rapid in developed nations such as Germany and the U.K., where the disposable income is high.

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