Precise measurement at outlets with Testo measuring instruments

Testo measurement technology provides reliable results even at swirl outlets.

The quality of the indoor air depends crucially on whether the air input or output volume flows are optimally adjusted. For this reason, the measurement is taken directly at the outlet during adjustment work. However, inaccessible ventilation ducts also make measurements at outlets necessary.


At swirl and plate outlets or ventilation grilles however, turbulence is created, which can falsify the measurement results.

In order to be able to measure these non-uniform flow profiles, it is essential that a funnel measuring instrument with a flow straightener is used. Patented volume flow straighteners from Testo guarantee the greatest level of accuracy, even in strong air turbulence.


Highest accuracy even in turbulence

Volume flow measurement hood testo 420 (40 to 4000 m 3 /h)

Measures air input and output. Ideally suitable for outlets from 360 mm in non-residential buildings. Easy documentation and convenient working with the testo 420 App. Can be combined with exchangea – ble hoods in different sizes: 360 x 360 mm / 915 x 915 / 1220 x 305 mm / 1220 x 610 mm.

Vane anemometer testo 417 set 2 (0 to 440 m 3 /h)

With 2 measurement funnels (Ø 200 mm for plate outlets and 330 x 330 mm for ventilation grilles) and volume flow straight- ener. Measures air input and out- put in residential buildings. Ideal for outlets up to 330 mm. With flow straightener measurement up to 200 m 3 /h.

Vane anemometer testo 417 (0.3 to 20 m/s)

Faster measurements with 100 mm vane. Easy mean value function.

Vane anemometer testo 410i (0.4 to 30 m/s)

Operated by your smartphone. Documentation easily created and reports sent via testo Smart Probes App.

Vane anemometer testo 410-2 (0.4 to 20 m/s)

With 40 mm vane and integrated humidity measurement.

Volume flow funnel testovent 410

For convenient measurement on extractor systems in combination with thermal probes.


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