All flow velocities under control with Testo measuring instruments

Ventilation and air conditioning measuring instruments from Testo. All outlets, All flow velocities – One expert.

Test air conditioning and ventilation systems – in ducts, at outlets, and with multifunction instruments.

The correct and efficient adjustment of ventilation and air conditioning systems makes very high demands of measurement technology, due to the various measurement locations and the differing flow velocities.

Whether the precise determination of volume flow, quick spot measurements in ducts or the recording of turbulent flows at outlets: without suitable measuring instruments, it is impossible to ensure optimum indoor air in residential and non-residential buildings.


The most accurate measurement results can be achieved by measuring directly in a duct. However, since ventilation ducts are in practice frequently hidden or inaccessible, it is often necessary to resort to outlet measurements. In addition to this, turbulence in ducts and at outlets can often falsify measurements.

As you can see, carrying out precise flow velocity measurements is not easy. For this reason, Testo offers the optimum solution for every measurement task and measurement range: thermal probes, vane anemometers, differential pressure measuring instruments, funnel measuring instruments and multifunction measuring instruments. With the patented flow straighteners from Testo, even turbulent flows can be measured accurately. Here you can find information on how to measure flow velocity more efficiently.

Innovative App solutions

Writing mails, checking the weather, planning routes: Many things are easier with a smartphone. With our free Apps for the volume flow measurement hood testo 420, and the Testo Smart Probes, ventilation measurement is now also more convenient and less stressful.

  • Measurement site-independent operation: Your smartphone becomes the remote control • Convenient measurement value display: Readings are always available when you need them • Clever documentation: Create protocols and reports easily, and send them immediately by e-mail

Patented flow straightener technology

The correct recording of volume flow at ventilation and swirl outlets is often hampered by turbulence. In order for you to be able to obtain precise results even in turbulent flows, Testo has developed patented flow straighteners for testo 417 and testo 420. The flow straighteners convert turbulent air into an almost uniform flow, which can then be reliably recorded with the measuring instrument. This reduces measurement inaccuracies at swirl outlets and in turbulent air by up to 50 %.

Fast worldwide calibration service

For us, measurement precision does not stop at the delivery of the instruments. Regular calibration is indispensable for constant, reliable results. This is why our subsidiary, Testo Industrial Services (TIS) has a worldwide network of their own calibration laboratories. This allows you quick access to our accredited calibration services – so you can continue to work efficiently.


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