Planning a short luxury holiday? Short Stay Apartments Manchester should be your choice!

The basic reason why one goes in for a holiday is to spend some quality time with oneself, and also with one’s family. In such a situation, a person wants to take life at its own pace, without any sort of intrusion. To make this stay completely comfortable and hassle free, one can surely check out Luxury Serviced Apartments Manchester. With all the amenities of a hotel, these apartments are completely secure in all respect. Apart from that, while going in for a small business meeting, it is often seen that Short Stay Apartments Manchester are chosen for their warmth and hospitality.

With the hectic schedule of the corporate world forcing man to race against time, holidays are moments of peace that are much required. Since, it is the only time that one can take up life at one’s pace, and move as per one’s wish. Keeping this in mind, it can be very well seen that hotel atmosphere negates this feeling to a great extent. This is primarily because, the continuous service, the fixed diet chart, and finally the claustrophobic rooms, completely suffocate individuals even when on a holiday.

Another important feature that is to be taken into account is the holding of business meetings. Generally, conference rooms in high end hotels are the preferred locations. Yet, with apartments available in Manchester, the whole official atmosphere gets transformed, and a sense of warmth comes into business meetings as well.

Usage of these rooms:

With time, to a certain extent, the deluxe hotels have lost their charm. Compared to them, these self-serviced apartments have a homely atmosphere, and hospitality of the highest quality. Courtesy to these factors, such rooms are in huge demand.

Starting with the welcoming of guests, to making them feel comfortable, these Short Stay Apartments Manchester are truly unique.

  • The rooms are technically well-equipped. In case one wants to conduct any business meeting, the place is perfectly connected to Wi-Fi, television sets and a plush lounge. So the whole domain is set for cracking the perfect business deal.
  • Mixing business with pleasure, the building is set at a short distance from some of the topmost tourist spots. So, after a tough day at work, one can definitely go in for a walk and visit some of these.
  • Apart from such basic amenities, there is proper servicing of the rooms, a garden to laze around, and well illuminated car parking slot for personal use.
  • There are 5 spacious bedrooms available, with the cost ranging from £80.00 / Night to £120.00 / Night.
  • Generally there are single and double beds present. Extra beds can be demanded by paying £20.00 / Night for an adult, and £15.00 / Night for children.
  • The most interesting part of it is definitely the discount amounting to 15% or more in case of prior bookings and extended trips.

So, next time you are planning a short office trip or a luxury family trip for a weekend, consider these options as the apartments are a great place to stay in.

Coupled with this is the Luxury Serviced Apartments Manchester that makes touring Manchester a matter of complete fun. So, now you know where to go when you’re next going for a holiday.


Are you searching out a perfect place for your business meeting? With Short Stay Apartments Manchester this problem can be easily sorted. Coupled with it, one can also check out Luxury Serviced Apartments Manchester for planning out a comfortable luxury trip without the interference from hotel staff.