Advanced Care Wellness Center In Greenwood Village Offers Safe Solutions For Headaches

Greenwood Village CO, Advanced Care Wellness Center and Dr. Robert Kelder DC are pleased to announce that headache pain solutions are available using a natural chiropractic approach. A significant number of people suffer from headaches during their lifetime. The pain can vary in intensity and location, and may be experienced for varying periods. The Greenwood Village Chiropractor applies natural and drug-free methods to reduce the frequency, duration, and intensity of the headache pain.

Headache types are characterized by their location, pain type, duration, and frequency. Pain is experienced as sharp or dull, continuous or pulsing, and is located around the eyes, across the forehead, in the temples, across the top of the head and on the back of the head, extending down the neck and shoulders. The type of therapeutic plan which the doctor designs and implements depends on the characteristics of the headache.

Identifying the cause of a headache is the first step for therapy. In some instances, the specific cause is unknown, or the pain may be caused by multiple outside agents or triggers. The patient will be encouraged to keep a headache journal which helps the doctor determine factors which may be triggers for the onset of the pain.

Various methods are utilized for headache pain relief. Improving the circulation of the blood through massage, ultrasound and electro-therapy are a few of the natural methods which the chiropractor chooses for pain relief. Improved nutrition and adequate restful sleep help to relieve some types of headache pain.

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