Lake District Tours: What is the Perfect Time to Visit?

Lake District Tours have for long been favourites for authors, artists, poets and vacationers. Considering that this is a location with breathtaking scenery, numerous activities to keep the active as well as those seeking a laid back vacation well occupied, the question begs, when is the best time to take Lake District coach tours? Summers are beautiful and busy while winter is as stunning as it is quiet; while the sounds and colours of autumn are every photographers and sightseer’s dream. Well, the best time to visit is right in May.


Now you must be wondering what’s special about May. May is a beautiful idyllic month just between the Easter rush dying away and the anticipated summer invasion by vacationers from the entire world over. May is the driest month with plenty of sun and light showers as the days get longer. The grounds are a sight to behold awash with daffodils and carpets of bluebells popping up far and wide. There is rarely any other place in the world to catch bluebells and woodlands in full splendour like England’s Lake District. You cannot miss the wonders of the rhododendrons and the Damon trees in the Lyth Valley in full bloom.


Besides, the Lake District tourist season which runs from April to October is now fully underway guided by a calendar full of exciting holiday events and activities both indoors and in the great outdoors. Sports lovers should sign up to participate in the 112-mile road cycling Fred Whitton Challenge. Maybe you will break the record by completing this race which covers punishing terrain in less than 6 hours. Alternatively, you can enjoy the Brathay Windermere Marathon, which is a 26.2 miles run but much tougher than the cycling challenge. The activities in your Lake District tours calendar will keep you in top condition even as you train to participate whether for fun or the top prize.


If marathons and cycling aren’t your things, fill your diary with entertaining pastimes such as the Jazz and the Medieval Festivals slotted for May. More times that are relaxing await you in the Kendal Farmers Market and the Westmorland County Show in the vicinity of Kendal, still within May. All along there exist other numerous activities such as Lake cruises, adventure treks into the wildlife sanctuaries and the ultimately astounding and award winning Lakes Aquarium.


The sunny days make sightseeing and visits into various tourist attractions in towns such as Grasmere, Windermere, Brockhole and Ravenglass. The list is endless, all filled with promises of making your Lake District coach tours memorable. Make your bookings in time to enjoy these top choice activities and attractions this May.


It is time your vacation dream came to life by embarking on a memorable Lake District tours. Contact us for the best rates on ouryour next Lake District coach tours that will definitely give you a million reasons to smile. Your trip to UK’s leading tourist destination just got better with us, get in touch!