Garden watering system Surrey sprinkler systems installation tips

Needless to say, sprinkler systems are many nowadays and it is easy to select one system that could satisfy your needs.  It is even easier to install simpler sprinkler systems all by yourself. An underground sprinkler system is best left in the safer hands of a garden watering system Surrey or Berkshire specialist, as it is a sophisticated method of watering.


All sprinklers will use control valves that are often run by an electronic controller. The controller turns on and off each circuit in the system based on how the schedule is set.  The system is also going to use the basic PVC pipe as well, and it will run from an existing water line. Where the pipe meets the sprinkler, it will connect to a rise which will supply the sprinkler head. The sprinkler head is made to toss water in a full, half or quarter circle.


There are two sorts of sprinkler heads you can buy from your favourite garden watering Berkshire vendor.  One type, rotary sprinkler head, is the one that rises above the ground and it is made to stay this way. The other one type, pop-up sprinkler head, is made to hide in the ground when not in use so that you can mow your lawn without worrying that you might break something. So now that you know the main types you should be in a position to pick the type you like.


Prior to designing your sprinkler watering system, you have to visit the local building department for permits. After gathering all the legal documents required, draw your sprinkler project on paper. First you need to sketch your home layout illustrating every structure, driveway, walkway and plants. A garden watering system Surrey contractor can help you do this planning step, particularly, with locating underground utility lines like electrical, gas and telephone lines, in your area. The next most important step is to determine water pressure in your current water supply line.


You can do this work with a water pressure gauge, which can be attached to a hose bibb. Ensuring that the house water is turned off, turn on outdoor water supply line fully and read the amount of pressure. The lowest reading you will need to set up your sprinkler system is twenty pounds per square inch.  It is also imperative to establish the flow rate by putting one gallon bucket under your hose bibb and then turn on the water fully. Still you should shut down all the indoor water taps.


Now what you will determine here is the speed of water flow into the bucket.  The number of seconds recorded should be divided by sixty to establish the capacity of your water line in gallons per minute.  The outcome will assist your garden watering Berkshire contractor design the correct size of your sprinkler circuits. On the sketch, mark where the sprinkler heads will be located and then multiply their throw distance by one-point-four. This will give you the distance between two sprinkler heads so as to create an overlapping head pattern eventually. Then categorize your sprinkler system into circuits based on the manufacturer’s instructions.


It is easy to create all types of sprinkler watering systems in your garden if you first visit us on garden Watering Berkshire or garden watering system Surrey web portals. We will educate more on how we could help a person like you without overcharging.