Seattle Chiropractic Office, North Star Chiropractic Center, Offers Pain Relief For Car Accident Victims

Seattle WA, 10-FEBRUARY-2016 – North Star Chiropractic Center, along with Dr. Paul Early, are happy to report that pain relief for those who have been involved in a car accident can be found by visiting the chiropractor. The philosophy of the Seattle Chiropractor is to avoid the use of drugs and surgical procedures. For many accident victims, there are multiple injuries which must be addressed. Traditional medicine tends to focus on individual symptoms. The chiropractor looks at the entire body and how the various systems work together to achieve health.

The therapy for accident victims begins with an examination and determination of where the pain originates. A physical examination and digital images help the doctor to identify the site where the pain originates. From the data collected, Dr. Early is able to design a therapeutic course of therapy. Often, this therapy begins with a spinal adjustment.

Realignment of the spine allows the discs to be restored to their correct position. The pressure on spinal discs, nerve roots and surrounding soft tissue is relieved. The natural systems of the body bring healing nutrients to damaged tissues and remove dead cells and toxins from the muscles.

Additional therapies offered by the doctor include massage, heat and cold therapy and electro-therapy. He may also employ ultra sound therapy, as well as counseling on nutritional needs of injured bodies. Correction of posture and exercise techniques to strengthen damaged tissues which may have been injured during the stress of the accident. Over time, healing therapies benefit the entire body, improving wellness levels.

Learn more about healing after a vehicle accident by checking out the website at Press corps members and those who have further queries about the information in this press notice are urged to contact the doctor at the location given below.

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