AlexHost Now Offers Reliable SSD Hosting in Moldova

Choosing reliable and popular hosting is one of the major tasks for everyone, who decides to establish online presence by means of creating a website. With the increasing number of hosting companies, this task becomes even more challenging, because it is not that easy to choose the service one can trust. Realizing that, AlexHost has decided to offer reliable SSD hosting in Moldova.

AlexHost is a renowned hosting provider, which is located in Moldova. The company has years of experience in the business and has won recognition among hundreds of satisfied customers across the globe. The fact that the service provider is found in Moldova speaks for itself, because the country is known for its loyal regulations and requirements in the industry and, thus, has more options to offer their clients. That is why, lots of top websites, including the largest torrent tracker in the world, , the Global Rank of which constitutes 80, give preference to Moldavia-based hosting providers.

AlexHost is characterized by a number of special features, which distinguish it from other hosting providers across the globe. One of these features is the fact that the data center of the company is located on the territory of the former military plant, namely in the bombproof shelter found 5 meters under the ground. The data center is absolutely autonomous and has its own telecommunications, IP address networks, electricity supply, air conditioning and ventilation systems, stable temperature that ranges between 24 and 27 degrees. The data center is equipped with modern surveillance cameras, while is territory is guarded by the security specialists 24/7.

Apart from the above mentioned advantages, there is one more benefit of dealing with AlexHost. The company provides reliable and safe Anti-DDoS protection, the power of which is up to 500 Gbps per second. This is a real benefit for those, who are concerned with their websites’ safety and functionality. The company also guarantees 100% confidentiality of all data within the legislation of the Republic of Moldova. There are 4 tariff plans offered by the hosting provider, including Basic, Advanced, Expert and Super.

AlexHost specialists are dedicated to serving the hosting needs of their clients and ensure round-the-clock technical support, daily account backups, anti-spam protection, SSD hard drives benefits and monitoring of the availability of the personal resources on the web.

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About the Company:

AlexHost is a professional Moldova-based hosting service provider, which has rich experience in the industry. The autonomous data center of the company is located on the territory of the former military plant, namely in the bombproof shelter found five meters under the ground. The company ensures reliable anti-DDoS protection with the power up to 500 Gbps per second, 4 tariff plans, 100% confidentiality of information provided, technical support and other benefits.

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