How to ship to Tehran with complete ease

The Iranian people are among the most fun loving people in the world. The problem Iranian business faced so long was due to external sanctions. Iran ranks 18th in the world in PPP (Purchasing Power Parity), but because of all the international trade sanctions, people are not able to enjoy all those gadgets and lifestyle items that the rest of the world gets to enjoy. But the sanctions are now gone and if you are planning to ship to Tehran now, it is a great time. Just partner with a reputed Iranian shipping company and you should have no logistical issues to worry about.

Iran, even though it is located almost in the middle of the Gulf region, is well connected through land, water and air. It has Caspian Sea in its north and Persian Gulf in its south-west and south. Tehran, however, doesn’t have a port and to ship to Tehran, you may need other modes of shipping.

However, waterway is not the only way to ship to Tehran because it is, after all, the capital of the country. Tehran is excellently connected to the other major cities of Iran by road. The largest and the most important airport of the country, Imam Khomeini Airport is located here. As far as ports are concerned, there are two of them close to Tehran – Bandar Noshahr and Bandar Anzali. There are a lot of ports to the south of Iran along Persian Gulf, but these ports are far away from the capital, which is located to the north of the country.

It is, of course, difficult for someone from outside to choose the route to ship to Tehran. There are many elements to be considered here – the type of goods that need to be shipped and the ease of shipping to Tehran by going past the customs and so on and so forth. It is best to hire a consultant for the best solution to this issue and you can easily find an Iranian shipping company that will be more than happy to assist you in this regard.

Iran has suffered enough because of the international trade sanctions that it endured all these years. Now the sanctions have been lifted but the government authorities will need time to buckle up so that it becomes easier for international companies to resume trades with Iran. With an Iranian shipping company acting as your consultant, you can get end to end support in your dealings with the Iranian companies. These companies deal with Iranian business policies and the Iranian companies day in and day out and they understand the pulse of how business should be conducted in the country. With such an experienced consultant by your side, your dealings in Iran will only be facilitated.

If you plan to ship to Tehran now, you will get that early mover’s advantage. But ensure you first find out an Iranian shipping company that can consult you on the best course of action as far as dealings with Iran are concerned.

Resource Box: This is one of the best times to ship to Tehran. However, to ease the process, form a partnership with an Iranian shipping company.