Take a stadswandeling and discover Antwerp

When you visit any city as a tourist, the best way to feel and soak in the life and culture of the place is by taking a stadswandeling. General sightseeing trips of the famous monuments, museums, palaces and parks are what everybody chooses. But, if you wish to visit the lesser known but interesting places then customised tours are your best option. When you visit Belgium, you must rondleiding Antwerpen for an authentic understanding of the city and the country. You may have special interest or inclination towards any particular aspect like fashion, art, culinary trail, or history and you can get city tours designed exclusively covering those fields.


If you really wish to imbibe the way of life of any country then you must spend a lot of time strolling down the city streets and promenades. In Belgium, you should rondleiding Antwerpen for a comprehensive understanding of its culture. Instead of the expected tourist trips, you can book a personalised city tour of Antwerp with one of the famous guides who happen to be in love with the place. You can take part in stadswandeling in and around the famous monuments of Antwerp. Take walking tours to visit the fashion districts of the city, see the southern part of Antwerp, get a feel of the old history of the city and soak in the aura of the area around Central Station.


Prior to booking a city tour of Antwerp, you should get in touch with the trip organiser to share your interests and preferences. Any person who is genuinely fond of the place will become its best ambassador and will shower you with interesting anecdotes and let you into the secrets about the place. So, when the famous guides plan a rondleiding Antwerpen, it will be the best way to sense and experience the city in its full glory. The guide will take you through a fascinating stadswandeling to explore bakeries and cafes which make this city famous. You get an opportunity to taste the unique flavours of cookies and cakes specially baked here.


There is no need to feel that a rondleiding Antwerpen on foot will be exorbitantly priced. When you visit the official website of the company organising stadswandeling tours, you can get an estimate of the charged involved. All the details about the number of people who can join the walk, the origin point of the tour and where it culminates are stated so that you can gauge whether it would be suitable for you and your family. The rates on weekends might be marginally higher, but discount is provided to students, seniors and school goers.


You will not face any language problem when you take part in a stadswandeling of Antwerp. The guides are conversant in English, Dutch, French and German making it convenient for all to follow them. That means you will not miss out on all those interesting stories the guide shares. If you are really interested in taking a rondleiding Antwerpen, you can directly book any of the tours online from the website of the company. Your visit to Antwerp will get a different meaning altogether after being a part of these much talked about city trips.

You can take a stadswandeling both for enjoyment and for gaining knowledge about a place. When you take a rondleiding Antwerpen on foot the city comes alive before you.