Never seen before Native American inlay jewelry

Many people would have heard about inlay jewelry but not paid heed because of such form of jewelry is considered to be more vulnerable in terms the gemstones getting lost. But if you take good care of your jewelry, then inlay jewelry is a good investment for you. Native American inlay jewelry is considered to be among the best because of the way the jewelry is designed and also the unique designs that you get in such jewelry. Most Native Americans use turquoise in jewelry design thanks to the comparatively lower turquoise price and the fact that the Native Americans consider turquoise as a pure stone.


Native American inlay jewelry making is a specialized process and has been mastered by the Native Americans of the country. The process involves making channels in the metal that is being used in making the jewelry items. Native Americans use sterling silver as their preferred metal for jewelry making because it is considered one of the purest metals around. And of course, sterling silver is highly malleable and ductile and it becomes easier for the jewelry designers to create the channels. Now gemstones are cut so that they fit into the channels. To keep the gemstones in place, epoxy glue is often used. The surfaces of the gemstones are then cut and smoothed so that they become flush with the metal surface and the entire structure has a smooth interface.


While different gemstones are used in Native American inlay jewelry, the most expensive ones like diamonds are usually not used. This is because the gemstones used in inlay jewelry may come off and replacement can be difficult. It is not that every piece of jewelry loses its gemstones but there have been occurrences and thus, using the most expensive gemstones is not considered the best idea. Because of the turquoise price, it is considered one of the best options in making Native American inlay jewelry.


The turquoise price depends on the quality of the stone. The kind of turquoise that the Native Americans use is usually of high quality and the price can range between $50 and $200 per carat. The cost of turquoise can be higher than this also and you also find stones that cost upward of $500 and $1,000 per carat. These stones are usually mined in the Lander Blue mines. While Chinese Hubei turquoise is much less expensive, these stones are not used by the Native Americans. So, the turquoise that you find in their jewelry is of a much better quality.


Native American inlay jewelry is something you don’t see often and this is where the magic of such jewelry lies. And thanks to turquoise price, a lot of these stones are used as the inlay stones. With the designers now using hallmarks to authenticate their jewelry, you know that what you are buying has been designed by one of the top Native American designers. By buying Native American jewelry, you give yourself an appearance others haven’t seen before.


It makes sense to buy turquoise Native American inlay jewelry because of the relatively lower turquoise price .