Look for Native American artists signatures for authentic Native American jewelry

The Native Americans have been designing jewelry for ages. All this while, their jewelry items were used by other Native Americans, but now these jewelry items have caught the attention of the other people too. You shouldn’t be surprised seeing someone wearing Native American inlay jewelry in a social event because these jewelry items really stand out in the crowd. But as Native American jewelry has gained prominence, fake products have also started hitting the markets. To ensure that you purchase authentic Native American jewelry, look for Native American artists signatures. These signatures bear the hallmark of the designers.


Native American inlay jewelry is designed in the same way that standard inlay jewelry is designed. Native Americans, as you may know, design their jewelry using sterling silver. Sterling silver is considered the purest form of silver and this is why it is in high demand among the Native American jewelry designers. In inlay jewelry, gemstones are used along with silver to add more class to the designs. The Native Americans use different types of gemstones but turquoise is the gemstone that they prefer. Turquoise is not just considered a pure and precious gemstone, but its comparatively lower cost also means that it is ideal for inlay jewelry designing.


Native American inlay jewelry designing involved making channels and holes on the surface of the silver. Now the gemstones are cut as per the shape and the size of the channels and the holes and these gemstones are then inserted in their designated spots. The stones are kept in place using epoxy glue. They are further cut and polished so that they become flush with the metal surface and offer a totally seamless and smooth surface. Because the stones may come off at a later date, the most expensive gemstones are usually not used in this form of jewelry design.


Apart from Native American inlay jewelry, you also get standard inlay jewelry in the market. And there are plenty of fake products that are being passed off as being designed by the Native Americans. To ensure you are buying the right quality, make sure to check Native American artists signatures.


Native American artists signatures started getting used in the 70s when the Native American artists realized that their products were becoming popular and others have started copying their work. There are websites that have comprehensive lists of the Native American artists signatures and you may want to refer to these lists to ensure that you buy authentic Native American jewelry. The good news is that some of these websites keep updating the signatures as and when they have new pieces of information.


You can really make a difference to your looks with Native American inlay jewelry. These jewelry items are not the most expensive ones but in terms of visual recall, they are just magnificent. Look for Native American artists signatures so that the next time you go out wearing your jewelry, you can even rattle off about its history and heritage.


Native American inlay jewelry can help you gain prominence in a positive way. Only ensure that you consider the Native American artists signatures for authenticity.