The Benefits of using a Specialist Car Accident Lawyer

Dayton,Ohio- It is a fact of life that car accidents happen.  They will often leave your car un-roadworthy and may even leave you with a variety of injuries.  The trauma of the incident and having to work out what you need to do will make it very difficult for you to focus on what you should be doing – recovering.

If you have been injured you will, almost certainly, start to incur some medical charges as you undergo a variety of treatments to return your body to the condition it was in before the accident.  Most insurance companies will argue about who was actually at fault, however, without significant prompting they will not even consider the emotionally or long term impact.

This is when it becomes essential to employ the services of a professional; someone who is experienced and practiced in negotiating with the insurance companies and obtaining a fair level of compensation for the damage to your vehicle, any injuries and the long term mental and physical issues which a car accident can cause.

A professional will know how to accurately assess the likely future cost of an injury and will be able to put a structured case together to discuss the issue and achieve an appropriate payout.

Attkisson law firm, based in Dayton is a specialist personal injury attorney; they deal with all types of personal injury although car accidents remain the claim dealt with the most. Kevin Attkisson started the firm a few years ago after working for several prestigious law firms.  He is very experienced and prides himself on providing a personal, one to one service; the majority of cases are undertaken on a no win, no fee basis.  His motto is “justice for the injured” and he will fight hard to ensure you are reimbursed for all your out of pocket expenses; it may not solve the issue but it will ensure you do not suffer financially as a result of your injury.

The firm can be contacted on their website – here you will find the option to either email them or fill in an online form with brief details of your claim.  Alternatively you can call the business on 937-567-4357.